Saturday, March 26, 2011


IMDB Rating - 6.1
Rotten Tomatoes Rating - 50%

"The plot is based on the urban legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943, two sailors, David Herdeg (Paré) and Jim Parker (Di Cicco), are stationed on a ship in an experiment to make it invisible to radar. However, the experiment goes horribly wrong and Herdeg and Parker are the only two survivors. They both undergo time travel (because of the experiment) and find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984." -wikipedia

The Philadelphia Experiment was always on cable when I was a kid and back then I absolutely loved it. Now, it's extremely dated and cheesy, but nonetheless still satisfying on a nostalgic level. The film stars Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire) and Kult Klassics fave Nancy Allen (Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Robocop). It's worth noting that John Carpenter was an executive producer.