Saturday, March 26, 2011


IMDB Rating - 6.1
Rotten Tomatoes Rating - 50%

"The plot is based on the urban legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. In 1943, two sailors, David Herdeg (Paré) and Jim Parker (Di Cicco), are stationed on a ship in an experiment to make it invisible to radar. However, the experiment goes horribly wrong and Herdeg and Parker are the only two survivors. They both undergo time travel (because of the experiment) and find themselves in the Nevada desert in the year 1984." -wikipedia

The Philadelphia Experiment was always on cable when I was a kid and back then I absolutely loved it. Now, it's extremely dated and cheesy, but nonetheless still satisfying on a nostalgic level. The film stars Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire) and Kult Klassics fave Nancy Allen (Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Robocop). It's worth noting that John Carpenter was an executive producer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


IMDB Rating - 6.0
Rotten Tomatoes rating - 69%

Bad Influence was released well into the aftermath of the Rob Lowe sex tape scandal. The film was an ironic choice for Lowe, as its story involves a sex tape. The psychological thriller was directed by Curtis Hanson (LA Confidential, 8 Mile), written by David Koepp (Carlito's Way, Death Becomes Her) and also stars James Spader, Lisa Zane, and Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross.


IMDB rating - 5.9
Rotten Tomatoes rating - 43%

Masquerade came out in 1988 when Rob Lowe was hotter than ever. This was just before his sex tape scandal, which unfolded later the same year. Ironically, the movie features arguably one of Lowe's hottest nude scenes ever. The film is also notable for its supporting cast of Kim Catrall (Sex & the City), Doug Savant and Dana Delany (both of Desperate Housewives), who both hit stardom much later with their successful television shows. The erotic suspense film also stars Meg Tilly and John Glover.

You watch the entire movie for free here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


IMDB rating - 4.7

"An earthquake is about to hit L.A. It's called Detective Rita Rizoli."

Fatal Beauty stars Whoopi Goldberg as a tough narcotics cop who goes undercover in a multitude of different disguises. The movie has a very Beverly Hills Cop feel about it, but I've always thought it stood out (along with Jumpin' Jack Flash) among Whoopi's 80's comedies. FB also stars Sam Elliott and Ruben Blades, with bit parts by James LeGros, Neill Barry, and Mark Pellegrino (aka Jacob from Lost).

Here's a cheesy, but memorable scene from the flick:


Based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho/Rules of Attraction), Less Than Zero is one of my favorite movies from the 80's. Rich Beverly Hills kids getting lost in a dark world of drugs, parties, and sex, the movie was intended to be an anti-drug film and actually had very little in common with the storyline of the book. Robert Downey Jr. gives one of his greatest performances in what was a largely overlooked film at the time. Sure, the movie has a lot of cheesy moments, but I love the overall style of the film, as well as the soundtrack, which features The Bangles' "Hazy Shade of Winter" (music video below) and tracks by Joan Jett, Poison, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Slayer and Roy Orbison. The pic also features fleeting cameos by Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers and an uncredited (and unknown at the time) Brad Pitt.

IMDB rating - 5.9

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I remember renting Assault of the Killer Bimbos years ago and watching it late at night after my parents had gone to bed. Sure, the acting is terrible and the dialogue is, at most times, absurd. But ironically, this movie sort of paved the way for Thelma & Louise, one of my all-time favorite films. The plot is fairly similar. Two girls, in this case go-go dancers, go on the run to Mexico after they are framed for the murder of their boss. The car is even similar to the one in Thelma & Louise.

As far as B-movies go, this is one of my favorites from the 80's. Maybe it's just my obsession with road movies. Check out this classic episode of At the Movies, as Roger Ebert gives his thoughts on the flick. I should also mention that this movie was directed by a woman, Anita Rosenberg, who was coincidentally one of the writers of Modern Girls.

IMDB rating - 4.2

Here's the trailer...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"Never stand in line. Never buy your own drinks. Never stand next to a dweeb."

Modern Girls is not a great movie. But it is a great time capsule of the year 1986, capturing the styles, trends, music, and attitude of the time. The film marks an early stepping stone for Oscar Nominee Virginia Madsen and features 80's staples Daphne Zuniga and Cynthia Gibb.

Amazingly, Modern Girls is still not available on DVD and the VHS version is relatively expensive if you can find it. Also hard to find is the awesome soundtrack. It features tracks by Depeche Mode, Jesus & Mary Chain, Club Nouveau, and Toni Basil. The movie still has a devoted fanbase, just check out this tribute website.

Feel like stepping back in time to 1986? Watch the film in its entirety (via clips) right here!

Enjoy the first ten minutes of Modern Girls...