Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"Never stand in line. Never buy your own drinks. Never stand next to a dweeb."

Modern Girls is not a great movie. But it is a great time capsule of the year 1986, capturing the styles, trends, music, and attitude of the time. The film marks an early stepping stone for Oscar Nominee Virginia Madsen and features 80's staples Daphne Zuniga and Cynthia Gibb.

Amazingly, Modern Girls is still not available on DVD and the VHS version is relatively expensive if you can find it. Also hard to find is the awesome soundtrack. It features tracks by Depeche Mode, Jesus & Mary Chain, Club Nouveau, and Toni Basil. The movie still has a devoted fanbase, just check out this tribute website.

Feel like stepping back in time to 1986? Watch the film in its entirety (via clips) right here!

Enjoy the first ten minutes of Modern Girls...

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